Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yosemite Sam the ring maker

Wire wrapped rings are one of my jewelry making obsessions, but also one of the biggest thorns in my side (other than taxes, but that's another day's post...). Some days, I sit down with my wire, my ring mandrel, stones, and tools and make the perfectly wrapped ring in the correct size the first try.

Sometimes not.

I have been trying to make a spiral wrapped wire ring in gold wire, size 7.5, for the past 3 days.  Today on my lunch break, I finally got it.  It took a total of 4 tries, with many grumbling Yosemite Sam moments of throwing the partially wrapped ring down like a 2 year old throwing a broken toy.

 "Why do you keep listing rings on your website if they're that hard to do?" asks my ever sensible husband after one such moment.  "Just remove those rings from your site, and you won't have to do this again."

What he means is he won't have to listen to me do this again....  Not that I blame him. I don't particularly like to be around 2 year olds when they're having a temper tantrum either. 

But somehow, I can't bring myself to stop offering the rings.  I can't allow the uncooperative wire to win, and not conform itself to the pleasing round shape of the ring.

Control issues, you say? Me?? 

Anyway, I thought maybe you all would like to see the nicely spiraled ring in a perfect size 7.5 (on the mandrel), as well as the nice size 8 laying mostly finished beside it, and the frickin frackin who knows what size it would have ended up being if it hadn't been so hateful and wouldn't form a nice spiral reject in the right corner. 

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